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6:45am on June 27th, 2012

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    …any inward-oriented and continued effort to improve the match-up of concept with observed reality will only increase the degree of mismatch.


    -John R. Boyd, Destruction and Creation

    Boyd is discussing his cognitive framework, but this idea of closed systems self-destructing if they remain closed applies to any such system: companies, governments, your own system of beliefs and values. Any effort to re-calibrate the system using the tools that the system itself provides will only increase its dysfunction; a broken chair can’t be repaired using the chair. You need tools, glue, possibly some new wood. Things outside of the “chair system”.

    Similarly, institutions, taste and concepts need constant interaction with the larger world; the input of new stimuli as well as a place to dump the entropy that’s inevitably generated from running a system. Otherwise they’ll run themselves down, like a looped record with a single groove that degrades each time the needle passes over.

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